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customized services

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step01 communicate

understand customer needs   bonotec will understand customer's needs via phone communication and visiting customer.

settled solutions   bonotec will propose possible solutions and communicate with customer in advance,then define the final solution.

evaluate development cost   bonotec will evaluate the development cost internally.

neqotiate product price   bonotec will negotiate the product price with customer base on the develop cost and the market price.

step02 development

define product chemical system   bonotec will develop the sample and define the chemical make-up.

performance test report   according to customer requirements,bonotec will perform the full test and finish the performance test report.

hazardous substances test   bonotec will perform hazardous substances test by the third  parties.

technical data sheet(tds)   bonotec will finalize the technical data sheet (tds).

material safety data sheet(msds)   bonotec will prepare material safety data sheet according to the regulations.

step03 testing

adhesion performance|thermal performance|operation performance|electrical performance|reliability

step04 production

define process   define the product process according to the chemical components and the key process parameters.

pilot production   improve and finalize the process base on the statistical analyse data of several pilot batches.

product stability   define the inspection specification from raw  material,semi-finished product to finished product based on statistical data to assure product stability.

finalize product name   bonotec will finalize the product name and launch to commercial market.

step05 after service

evaluation   bonotec will evaluate whither the product meets customer needs based on the customer application data and its statistical results.

fine adjustment and improvement   bonotec will perform fine adjustment and improvement according to application data and customer needs.

application stability   bonotec will analyze the application data with customer and propose technical guidance.we assure product application stability.