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bonotec electronic materials is an adhesive solution provider which specializes in packaging and bonding materials in the electronics field. our products are widely used across numerous industries with the focus on electronics assembly and semiconductor packaging.we have been walking on a road of rapid development, which we all feel very honorable and proud of!                
bonotec is a team full of dream and passion. we adhere to the technology-first, people-oriented management philosophy and provide every employee with the best stage for showing their talent, exhibiting their potential and realizing their value!


when you’re surrounded by teammates who love what they do, you can achieve anything.


bonotec focus on becoming the most competitive brand of electronic adhesives,now and in the future.


always be innovative.our innovation is not  limited to our products,  also includes everything possible.

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  • sales management trainee
  • sales department
  • minhang district,shanghai
  • 2018-05-05

1. graduated from mechanical and electrical equipment integration, automatic control, physics, microelectronics, electronics and other related majors

2. working experience in smt, semiconductor, led and other related industries is preferred

3. have strong adaptability and be able to work under pressure.

4. location: south, north and central china

5. be able to effectively use and develop various resources such as enterprises, products, prices and individuals, and use negotiation skills and methods to achieve goals; have the ability to independently develop customers

6. have a strong ability to analyze and judge the potential market demand, have a good grasp of the same industry and similar products, be able to continuously develop new sales market and customer base, and improve competitiveness in the existing market


1. bachelor degree or above, major in engineering;

2. no working experience is required. sales engineer experience in a foreign company is preferred;

3. be familiar with the product market of the industry and know the mainstream industry technology;

4. have strong customer communication ability, high business processing ability and good team spirit;

5. strong learning ability and challenging spirit.

6. new graduates are welcome to apply.

  • warehouse operator
  • logistics and storage department
  • minhang district,shanghai
  • 2018-05-05

1、be responsible for the delivery list of materials and products;

2、sorting, rechecking, warehousing and sub loading of raw materials according to the details of materials;

3、product delivery and packaging, warehouse area health management;


1、high school education;

2、be familiar with warehouse operation process, have some experience in computer operation, and be familiar with erp system;

3、have good professionalism, self-motivated, work conscientiously and responsibly, bear hardships and stand hard work, and obey the arrangement of the superior.

  • customer service assistant
  • sales support department
  • minhang district,shanghai
  • 2018-05-05

1、familiar with kingdee erp system and office software;

2、timely communicate and respond to sales and customer needs;

3、processing and follow-up of quotation, sample list and order;

4、according to the requirements of the order and sample list, inform the production plan to arrange the list and the warehouse to deliver the goods.

5、reconciliation with customers at the end of the month to assist in sales collection;

6、sorting and filing of customer information;

7、quarterly customer satisfaction survey;

8、accept customer complaints, assist relevant departments in handling and analyzing, and reply the results to customers;

9、maintain and enhance existing customer relationship.


1、college degree or above, sales assistant and customer service assistant experience is preferred;

2、standard mandarin, correct attitude, affinity, learning ability, expression ability and communication ability and compressive capacity;

3、strong adaptability and coordination, able to deal with emergency problems independently;

4、have a good sense of service, patience and responsibility, and work actively;

5. excellent fresh students can also be considered.